Latvian hockey players in NHL

Funny numbers

What's been grinding my gears for years are the post 2004-05 NHL lockout goalie statistics where NHL moved forward with the time and minor hockey league experience with cutting ties with tie games and deciding games with shootouts or game winning shots series (call it how you want). That was kind of a good and smart decision of course but the goalie statistics stuck with that T  column/row/cell and became old and useless. But it's not that useless at all because according to Wikipedia[1] the players had to work overtime since 1983-84 season. And knowing that first Latvian hockey player to play the NHL hockey was Helmuts Balderis in 1989-90 season you can see where I'm going. That means yaaaasss!!! At least when I'm comparing my boys I can find some fair middle ground.

So basically there has always been an overtime (in my situation) and where is overtime there is a victory, loss and a tie resulting in a shootouts but all I had to do was crossing out the shootouts from statistics and that's it. So I present you the comparable "Latvian NHL goalie millennium statistics".

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